Saturday, December 29, 2018

Electronic Music Piece of the Day Give-Away

With New Year's Eve fast approaching, and film editing slowing me down to a snail's pace, it seems that there is no avoiding a paucity of posts this month on the Gauntlet of Balthazar.

As slakerly as that might be, internally at least, I nevertheless thought I'd squeeze in one last Industrial-Electronic creation with the you, the internet, before that big ball drops in frigid Times Square.

Therefore, welcome to yet another installment of the Bandcamp hosted 391 & the Army of Astraea Electronic Music Piece of the Day Give-Away.

Today's outing is titled "Le Balançoire Nuremberg" and to explain the reference a tad...a balançoire is a movement in ballet that imitates a child's swing. Coupled with the image of inmates awaiting sentencing in the post-WWII Nuremberg trials, this short, fanciful piece attempts to capture a childlike and comical, yet lurid, "dance".

I think the track came out fairly nicely, and if it is indeed the last offering the Gauntlet will be able to summon prior to 2019, then to all - Have a very Happy New Year!

Till next time.

Friday, December 28, 2018

From The Graphic Design Studio: A 1980's Fine Art Throwback

Welcome back to the Gauntlet of Balthazar for another (I hope long awaited) installment of "From the Graphic Design Studio".

While this feature most often focuses on the branding logos and pre-production artwork designed to holistically advance the episodic series and feature films that Nevekari Enterprise has been dutifully developing (and that are featured on our website and YouTube Channel), I occasionally find it, well, creatively fulfilling, to post other visual artwork from the past, simply for the sake of cataloging, promotion, and of course, ideally, for the viewer's enjoyment.

Today's post-case is no exception, and is one such of these "historical" endeavors, presenting three fine art pencil drawings that were more or less randomly pulled from the creative back catalogue. To the best of my memory I estimate that all of them were executed in the period 1982-1984 (no months please), or thereabouts.

To explain each of the three pieces briefly: The horizontal piece at the top is probably my favorite nude from life drawing I did in my youth, and till this day I'm very pleased with the rendering of the musculature of the back. The bottom left is a quick copy of a portion of a painting of then (and maybe a little now) personal hero, Napoleon Bonaparte. I'm unsure who created the original oil on canvas, but suffice it to say it's hanging in one of the New York museums. Lastly, the final choice for today is a simple sketch of one of my early college classmates, a beauty named Liza, who last I heard of was living in the DC area, (though that information is surely out of date).

Anyway, enjoy, and come back again soon for some of my / our brewing creative endeavors, including, some music, a sculpture, a short film I'm almost done editing, and certainly, some far too snooty and heady political opinions.

Till next time.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Electronic Music Piece of the Day Give-Away

Welcome back, or for the first time, to the Gauntlet of Balthazar for the Bandcamp hosted 391 & the Army of Astraea Electronic Music Piece of the Day Give-Away.

This track marks the fifty-first release in this series, which apparently shows no sign of ever stopping, excluding the release of compilation records featuring the most successful of these experimental outings.

As usual Stubborn God Productions tirelessly creates not just these noisy little ditties, but also soundtrack work for Nevekari Enterprises films, and demos for a / many forthcoming singer-songwriter folk-rock album/s. So, rest assured, apparently there are more than enough upcoming releases of which I hope you as a listener may find something in which to enjoy.

Anyway, today's Give-Away Piece is entitled "Precipice", and as I commented on the tracks Bandcamp page, "Precipice refers to the area between tonality and atonality, silence and sound, and the mixing and blurring of the line between multiple genres".

I think that pretty much sums up this ride, so as always, enjoy!

Till next time.