Tuesday, March 28, 2023

From the Recording Studio: New Release Tuesday - Amalia Rose "You're A Doll" Single

Welcome to, or back to, the insipid yet zesty Gauntlet of Balthazar for another post celebrating the larger Gauntlet network - in this case the debut single by my daughter, Amalia. 

We collaborated on the track in December and released it around New Year on the 391 & the Army of Astraea's Bandcamp page and her new Spotify account

The writing of the song was done over just a few hours one weekend and both the music and the singing were first take recordings. After a modicum of post-production fiddling the piece was deemed a decent demo, and was issued under the name "Amalia Rose". 

Needless to say she intends to record and release more songs in the future, and has mentioned re-doing this number. Likewise, I can't imagine that I might take the Gauntlet off and come up with some weird remix of the song, or something.

Anyway, the embed is below, and please feel free to visit her Spotify page, as well as the rapidly expanded Stubborn God Productions YouTube Channel.

Thanks as always, Gauntletarians. Till next time.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Online Autism (ASD) Personal Coaching Sessions for Parents/Caregivers

Greetings everyone and welcome to, or back to, the mighty Gauntlet of Balthazar for a self-promotion focused post, or rather, a not so much "self"-promotion, but that of a Gauntlet family / network member.

While I'm usually quite shameless about pushing my own literary, artistic, film, and music projects, in this outing I'd like to instead focus on Michelle Rott Rosenblum's (MS, MSed) YouTube presence and her recent announcement offering online coaching sessions for the parents and caregivers of those on the Autism Spectrum.

To quote her in her own words: "Looking forward to helping you see the light at the end of the tunnel! There are always new things we can do to help our child to have a better life and I’m here to offer many ideas that I’ve gained from both being a teacher/guidance counselor and mom to my beautiful son on the spectrum. I’m also here to give ideas for taking better care of yourself and your other children who often take a backseat to their ASD sibling. Can’t wait to get started!"

For more information about and / or scheduling a personal coaching session with Michelle (in English only, sorry), please email: Mrosabum@aol.com

Below is her video featuring the announcement. Till next time.