Monday, February 27, 2017

Electronic Music Piece of the Day Give-Away

February has been a slightly lighter post month than others, but regardless, it's time for another BandCamp hosted Gauntlet of Balthazar Electronic Music Piece of the Day Give-Away. Today's track is entitled "Urbitariot", and its name is clearly derived from the last My Dictionary; Word of the Day post "Urbling". However, unlike Urbling, which describes the state or living habits of a person indigenous to a metropolis, an Urbitariot would be an individual who either works in a city, works directly for a municipality, or more abstractly, "works" a city. A bouncy little piece based around a programmed rhythm and ornamented by several layers of synth keys and piano along with some synth-voice processing, Urbitariot is another 391 & the Army of Astraea two minute instrumental industrial-electronic wonder. Enjoy.

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