Monday, December 5, 2016

An Open Letter to George Soros

Dear Mr. Soros, I have watched your remote involvement in global, and particularly American, politics for many years, and I thought at this juncture I would jot down a few thoughts I have for and about you. I expect that it is unlikely you will ever read  this commentary, but as the possibility does mathematically exist that one of your cohorts might bring it to your attention, I shall persist.

George, if I may call you that, I understand that you believe that what you are doing is right, and that you feel you are helping to forge a better world, free of discrimination, where all of us live in equal squalor or mediocre comfort under the reins of bureaucratic administrators, who I'm sure in your opinion, know what is best for the rest of us. It will be like Star Trek, and I can only assume that you are a big fan of Gene Roddenberry's positive-futurist vision of our society's rise to some sort of simulated Athenian Technocracy.

But, as most of us know, in the Star Trek mythos, the people of the world are only able to achieve the lofty goal of one-world government, global peace, and an economy "free of greed" after the two devastating global wars and an alien intervention. Sadly, or rather, fortunately, we have not yet experienced those effects, so even as a fan, I find the notion of a world-wide, all-powerful government frankly terrifying.

We saw in the last few month's those concerns expressed in popular opinion on the global stage, regardless of what the complacent press told us we should believe. Surely, you, and many like you, will continue to frame Brexit, (and Iceland) leaving the European Union as "racist" in the same way that the DNC's puppets attempt to cast President Trump's victory as a "triumph of bigotry". You may try to convince yourself, and the saddened "progressives" who don't understand what you are all about, that this is the case, but deep down you know that the numbers don't lie - the same "enlightened and egalitarian" Americans who voted your man Obama into office, are the very same people who jumped the fence and pushed Trump over the top.

Saying all this, I probably should address the defining item that encouraged me to pen this open letter to you. That issue is the three state election re-count which Jill Stein has been able to negotiate, with your financing, designed I guess, to disqualify enough electoral votes to keep the like-minded hanging onto a hair of hope that indeed, this "horrible nightmare will end". When I first heard that Stein was contesting the outcome in states with the closet margin between Trump and Clinton, it was obvious that this could only benefit Mrs. Clinton, as clearly, Stein was not going to jump from one percent of the vote to winner, and once I heard that she had raised the amount of money to file the injunctions (which was more than she raised during her entire campaign) I knew that you had deposited a nice, fat check into her account.

As I said, I think you believe you are serving justice, but let's look at the facts. You are a billionaire who is working for wealth re-distribution (I assume this means for everyone else, and not your money hidden in the Cayman Islands), you are a Jew who is rabidly anti-Israel (and we can assume on some level self-hating as you yourself describe your childhood home as "Anti-Semitic"), you are an "anti-racist" leftist who finances right-wing racist movements in foreign nations (i.e. the Ukraine) in order to destabilize the central government of countries that you feel betrayed by (no wonder Vladimir Putin wants you in jail, not that I'm saying he is a prince by any means). In concord you manipulate global media and the U.S. government to tell us that Russia is now more of a military threat to the United States than radical Islam. Really? We somehow avoided direct war with the Soviet Union, and then Russia, for literally a hundred years, and you want to orchestrate conflict between us over Syria? I'm sure you and your cronies are working overtime to have incidents occur the day Trump is sworn in so the mess lands in his lap. Is that fair? Just because you think a no-fly zone will "spread peace", it will not. Putin and Assad will not heed it and it will lead to expanding the conflict. Do I like Assad or Putin, No, I do not. But in this case the right side to take is to back up Putin, Assad and Hezbollah, and though I literally hate the latter two in particular, the alternative is the Free Syrian Jihadists, Al-Qaida, and ISIS taking over that nation. Do we really need another country in the region thrown into anarchy only to emerge as an Islamic theocracy?

Look, George, I get it, you have an end game where it all turns out alright. In my younger days I was a type of leftist too (certainly leaning towards anarchy), and I too thought that I knew better than "Joe Six-Pack". We could lead them to enlightenment, whether they wanted it or not, they could be "re-educated". As I grew older, my anarchistic tendencies led me to the notion that true liberty is best served by less government, less controls, and a greater free-flow of information. While I may have been wrong about the last part, with information overload only contributing to the Huxley-esque trivialization of our culture, I am implacable in my belief that globalism of the sort you envision will end up with us all slaves to a cultural / power elite who are your philosophic descendants, and who design to control the world through psychological media warfare in an endless de-enfranchisement / victim narrative.

So, George if you will, please try to take your head out of your convictions for a minute and look around. Your "help" is not wanted. Your illusion of power may make you feel more important than you actually are in reality. You are just a man, who puts his pants on one leg at a time like all others. Your most ardent followers don't even understand half the issues I mentioned earlier, and I expect that you like it that way...a complacent populace who analyzes politics with raw emotions manipulated by you and CNN. I fully expect to see President Trump surrounded by a cabinet comprised of African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Women, etc., and I fully also expect that you, your followers, and the media, will continue to call him racist for the duration, just because it does not compute in your collective heads that you have alienated the "average deplorable voters" out there, and opted instead to elevate your status as a social / cultural elite of "victim identities" who, as I said, know better than everyone else.

Let the "setback" be what is, George. Suck it up and focus on your own life. Maybe a nice meal or two, a massage, you know - actually living, instead of financing unrest and working the conversion machine. Thanks.   

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