Friday, December 16, 2016

My Dictionary; Word of the Day


(ˈkȯrn-bouiss) noun from the Middle English > Anglo-Norman French > from Latin "cornu", meaning horn or tip, and the Middle High German "buoche" - a topographic name referring to someone who resided near beech trees. 

Of or relating to a player position in the recently created game of Tiddly-Ping-Ball. In this sport, the "pitcher" attempts to toss a ping-pong ball at a group of five evenly spaced paper cups, which are progressively filled with cotton "snowballs" as the rounds continue. The object of the game is for the pitcher is to either sink the balls into the any of the cups (1 point), or preferably, to knock over the cups with the ball (4 points), prior to the cornbuce achieving a greater number of "hits" deflecting the ping ball with his wand, otherwise known as the "halberd de cornbuce" (3 points). Rounds of the game conclude when either the pitcher or the cornbuce reach a point count of twenty-one, or earlier if all five cups have been knocked over by the pitcher, signifying an "automatic win". Whichever side cumulatively wins three rounds wins the game.

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