Monday, May 15, 2017

Electronic Music Piece of the Day Give-Away

Alright, here is an unusual piece in the BandCamp hosted 391 & the Army of Astraea Electronic Music Piece of the Day Give-Away series. While I'm not adverse to utilizing samples or pre-existing clips as building blocks in my electronic / experimental work (as opposed to singer-songwriting, which I feel must be somehow pure) this tune, "Kalo Galochi", was constructed almost entirely out of heavily altered presets in the Ableton 9 Digital Audio Workstation, excluding one additional track played on the Theremin.

As a title "Kalo Galochi" is taken from Portuguese / Galician Romani, (more commonly know as Gypsies) for "Black Heart". In the Romani language of that region, Calo is also the name of their dialect as well as the ethnonym, or rather sub-ethnonym for Romani, and is originally derived from the Sanskrit "Kala".

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