Friday, January 12, 2018

New YouTube Channel Trailer

A little self-promotion once again if you don't mind.

This past Halloween we, Nevekari Enterprises that is, launched our official video channel with our first stand-alone short film release "The Dark Wood"; a narrated ghost story that was obviously meant to be holiday appropriate. This was quickly followed by the upload of a short film we created in collaboration with a group of people we met at the AT&T NYC Create-a-thon 24 hour film challenge called "Isolation Room".

Thus far, those two films are all that are present on the channel, and I must confess that this is mostly because we've experienced some unavoidable delays with the making of our next short, "Scrimshaw", largely due to the fact that I was ill for most of the month of December.

In lieu of that forthcoming release, and the fact that we're just getting on the road to writing and producing a thirteen episode "Isolation Room" series with those same Create-a-thon associates, I thought it a wise move to release, well, something.

This is that something. A nifty new promo pitch for our budding channel.

Aside from me stammering through the pitch, the video features short clips from our films, behind the scenes pictures, our many screenwriting awards, and as a backing track, the 391 & the Army of Astraea piece, "Asymmetric", from the web-series pilot script of the same name.

I hope you enjoy the clip, and if you do, please subscribe to our channel and watch our videos as they become available.

I know that you may have stumbled onto this page for a variety of reasons, perhaps political, but I do implore you to support our struggling artistry, as one is even less likely to make an impact in this business without the aid of potential viewers.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the trailer, or let me know in the comments here, or on the Gauntlet's new Twitter account @gauntlettalk. I think it came out pretty nice, thanks in no part to some clever editing to cover up my substantial non-acting skills. Till next time.

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