Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sculpture Garden: "Victorian Woman" - A Minor Update

With just a brief pause scheduled between political and screenwriting articles and film and music uploads, I though I'd share a minor alteration I made to one of my more recent figure works in thrown clay.

"Victorian Woman" (hand muffler, bustle, bun, and all) is a hollow wire-frame terracotta that was done one afternoon a few months ago. After air-drying, for some reason I left her outer surface unfinished for quite some time, but in this particular instance I finally decided to opt for a silver colored wax metallic finish made by a company called Craft Smart and dress her properly.

The picture itself was taken on my Galaxy Pad and was slightly filtered to soften the silver "glare", but I think it still relays what the piece generally looks like in real life. It's no great epic masterpiece by a long shot, but it is a suitable bit of side craft to punctuate the writing, film and music.

So yeah, call me a Renaissance man if you want. It's what I do.

Till next time.

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