Saturday, September 22, 2018

Last Gasp of Summer Color Pictoral

Yes, I know, it's yet another bunch of seasonal nature snaps from suburban Michigan, USA posted here up the long, cowl-like sleeve of the Gauntlet of Balthazar.

Anyway, each of these photos has some redeeming quality, in my opinion, I think, so I'll just lay them out one by one, or at least by twos, and by color scheme.

We've got red and green for almost ready-to-eat wild apples and the same (well, not to eat) for begonias on a hill. Then we have yellow for tiny clover flowers hiding in the shade of a garden hose. It's onto reddish-brown with an enigmatic green racing stripe for the possibly coolest looking first leaf fall of autumn, and right after, it's a pretty gargantuan tree-born speckled toadstool peaking coyly around its stump. Lastly, we've got some pinkish growth (adorned by yellow-jackets if you look closely), and a deep rich royal purple in morning glory or rosewood form.

Anyway, always nice to catch glimpses of the processes of nature in action. Click to enlarge, of course.

Till next time.


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