Thursday, February 21, 2019

From the Writer's Studio: Introducing "Scrimshaw" - A Dark Tale of the Sea

Welcome to, or back again to, the dreaded Gauntlet of Balthazar for a post dedicated to the release of Nevekari Enterprises and Stubborn God Productions newest short film, "Scrimshaw".

Intentionally released on February 16th, otherwise known as World Whale Day (and coincidentally also my birthday), Nevekari Enterprises "Scrimshaw" is a narrated short in the "creepy pasta" vein of on-line folklore derived horror.

Written, Directed, and painstakingly film and sound Edited by Ira Aron Rosenblum, Narrated with all apropos verve by C. Tennyson Crowe, Produced by Kevin Lennon, and inventively Scored by Stubborn God Productions, this "Dark Tale of the Sea", tells the story of Nathaniel Johnston, a young whaler from New England in the mid-nineteenth century, who finds himself in a rather daunting predicament.

With a deep immersion, no pun intended, into the historical realities of the tail end (pun intended) of the North Atlantic Whaling industry, the story of Scrimshaw relates the journey of a young man whose path seems at first to be on the up-and-up, the hard life of making a living from the sea, and the vagaries of fate that can alter even the best laid plans.

No sooner than we as observers come to understand the world and motivations that have brought young Nathaniel to this point in his present, we find him beset by a calamity that supplies him with little resources, few options, and even less hope of survival.

But one must always remember - that sometimes the voyage ends at the bottom.

For all of you technophiles out there I think I'll relate the, well, technical parameters of film here, among the "behind the scenes" images I've included.

Shot entirely on a Canon EOS-500 (excluding some stock footage) with Rokinon lens and Rode Microphones, the film was encoded with Progressive VBR, and is HD Anamorphic h.254 1080p 23.97 fps (1.33 Par), with Composite Stereo / 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.

Edited primarily in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and the related programs in the suite, the score, by 391 & the Army of Astraea, also happens to include the first Stubborn God Productions recording featuring an Ibanez SRH505F 5-String Hollowbody Fretless Electric Bass Guitar, on the track "Day Star".

Watch Scrimshaw here, well, below, via YouTube, or open the film in YouTube directly and feel free to visit Nevekari Enterprises at their homepage

Thanks for taking the time to read, watch and support us and enjoy, and please visit Nevekari Enterprises YouTube channel, and don't forget the usual laundry list and LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, HIT NOTIFICATIONS, and leave a comment if you feel so driven.

"Scrimshaw" will return in "Nevekari Talks: Scrimshaw".

Till next time.

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