Wednesday, February 13, 2019

From the Writer's Studio: A Short Film Preview

Welcome to, or back to, the Gauntlet of Balthazar.

Yes, yes, I know, just after taking a month long break, and vowing to "get back to work", it appears that the month of January 2019 too passed by with not so much as a peep, whether it be political, artistic, musical, comedic, or otherwise, from a bedraggled moi.

In my defense I must say that my all consuming projects have been, well, all consuming, and finding the time to crank out posts here has been like threading a needle with a sledgehammer. Saying that, today I have a preview of one of Nevekari Enterprises upcoming projects - a narrated "creepy pasta" horror short entitled "Scrimshaw" (A Dark Tale of the Sea).

I wrote the story about a year ago, based on a notion that personally terrified me, and thus, the short story, and now the film, unabashedly reside in the horror genre.

Anyway, the video is embedded below, and I expect that it will be rapidly followed by the genuine article, so please do enjoy it, and stick with the Gauntlet for more of the diverse offerings you may have become accustomed to and that punctuate this experiment in internet schizophrenia.

Till next time.


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