Friday, February 5, 2021

Facebook Doubledown: The Gauntlet's New Business / Fan Page

Hi all. This is just a brief note to those of you who might have found "following" the Gauntlet a little too daunting, but might be more comfortable with continuing the conversation on Facebook. And while I have many, many, reservations about the ways in which big tech manipulates "presence" vis-a-vis external concerns, I am nonetheless doubling down and have recently added a Gauntlet of Balthazar Facebook Business Page.

As I just started a Parler page when it got knocked offline by dear Mr. Bezos in the vindictive partisan purge of January 2021, and I refuse to engage on Twitter-cancer, I think going the FB route (where I already have several other business pages and groups, such as: and might be a nice way for people to comment about articles and features posted on Gauntlet without much bother. 

So here's how it would work. Should you lay down the Gauntlet, you would be notified on Facebook of new posts on the GOB Facebook page, which primarily would be links to articles on the Gauntlet. This is of course quite circular, but commenting about the post would be very easy, and interactions would be geometric and not require Facebook friendships, following the Gauntlet, Google account login, etc., etc. 

So, anyway, if you are so inclined, come on and jump aboard at: and let's chat. 

Till next time.

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