Monday, February 8, 2021

Mixology: Introducing "The Beach Boy"

Hello again, and welcome to yet another intrepid journey into creative mixology here on the Gauntlet, and the introduction of what I'm coining "The Beach Boy". 

I'm not trying to cast any aspersions here, but let's face it, the time-honored stereotype is that beach boys are "simple", but nice enough, and are in general "easy". Saying that, this tasty greenish-white foamy concoction attempts to capture just that.

I personally find this mix surprising delicious, and I would almost wager that it could easily replace one's "go to" summer drink of choice - and by summer drink I'm talking about the obvious ones such as the Pina Colado, a Margarita, or the Mojito.

So here's what you'll need:

5 Ounces of Fresh Pineapple Juice (none of that concentrated swill)

1 Twig of Mint (about 5 Leaves, and only fresh Mint - not dried, and certainly not Spearmint)

I Thick Slice of Lime Squeezed (once again, only an actual Lime - not concentrated Lime Juice)

2 Ounces of Bacardi White Rum (I don't think fruit flavored or spiced will work here)

2 Ice Cubes

Blend (I used a Magic Bullet)

Serve on the Rocks (2 or 3 Cubes) in an Old Fashioned Glass (or if you're making a "double" in a Highball Glass) with a Lime Slice Garnish

I think it comes out pretty balanced, but I guess one could experiment with variant quan- tities of lime juice, or rum, or consider adding a splash of simple syrup - if you've got a persistent sweet tooth. Regardless, the end product should be about one-third foam at the top with the frothiness giving way to full liquid as you move south. I don't recommend using a straw on this one, as the bubbles are just awesome to sip - kinda like the fluff on the top of the Pumpkin Creme Cold Brew at Starbucks, but uh, boozy, of course. 

Well that's about it for now, so enjoy, and as always - till next time.

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