Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Dictionary; Word of the Day

From time to time there comes, well a time, when a new word occurs that fills the gap where a word "should be". In today's case that word is...



Adj. Adv.  from the fusion of the noun: \ˈbak\ and the colloquial \ˈjak\ (Ger. > O. Nor > O. Eng. > Eng. + Celt. poss. Welsh > Mid. Eng. > Eng.)

Back-Jacking is the act of intentionally, or unintentionally, retro-actively appropriating an established concept, style, or work created by another, and claiming it as original. 

As in, "That was a good film, but half the sequences were back-jacked from Hitchcock.", or, "He sounds just like that old school rapper, but he said in an interview that they grew up together, and that he came up with the sound first. What a total back-jacker! Yeah, back-jacking at its finest."  

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