Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Dictionary; Word of the Day



Verb, Adv. (from the fusion of the Latin prefix dis - >  Old Fr. Des > M. English - APART, and the Latin > Med. Latin > Trepalium > O. French > M. Eng. > Travail (noun), Travailler (verb) - WORK)

The act of voluntarily engaging in the cessation of labor with the possibility or expectation of amicable return. Simply put, to cease work in contrast to being fired, laid off, or being dismissed, as well as, quitting (to permanently vacate), resigning (to give up) or retiring (to end one's employment, usually at a specific age).

As in, "Phoebe left her job." "Was she fired?" "Oh, heavens no, she distraved. She's welcome to come back whenever she likes. Her employer and she are cool with that arrangement." 

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