Monday, June 5, 2017

From the Graphic Design Studio: The Evolution of a Branding Logo

With the wrapping up of the "Sculpture Garden" and "Ceramic Art of the Day" features here on the Gauntlet, (until I forge a new piece) I thought it might be a good juncture to coalesce those features away from the clay medium into a more graphic, and computer graphic base.

"From the Graphic Design Studio" will feature both art stills created with practical tools such as pencil, pen, and various paints, on paper and canvas, as well as works created in design programs; such as CG stills manufactured in DAZ, Bryce, Photoshop CS6, Illustrator, Publisher, Artrage, Sketchbook Express and the Google SketchUp.

While some of these pieces may be "art for art sake" and lean to fine art, or be salvages of archival endeavors, this feature will, for the most part, focus on graphic design work that has been created by or for Nevekari Enterprises LLC, in the purpose of holistically developing our projects, particularly our episodic series, but also our award-winning feature and short film scripts.

This primary installment highlights the evolution of the logo design of our first developed episodic series in the "Space-Opera" genre, "Partisan Earth", mentioned here just a few posts ago. From top to bottom the evolution of the idea is pretty obvious, with the last piece standing as the official series logo since the release of our DVD documentary / sizzle reel for the series in May, 2012.

For more features related to this award-nominated project, please feel free to explore:

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