Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Gauntlet Thanksgiving

I've been very ill with an extremely monstrous ear infection for the last week or so, and I must say that this has really incapacitated me in my ability to engage at all with social media, make any kind of art, or even communicate with fellow human beings.

Regardless, I'd like take this opportunity to wish every Gauntlerian out there a Happy Thanksgiving (obviously for those of you who are American and celebrate the festivities) and I vow that I will soon enough pull back from the recent slew of "creative only" uploads and crank out some cutting political rants that I know many of you visit this page for.

Fortunately, the abundance of primarily (except Roy Moore, that is) Democrat-fueled sexual harassment cases have led to a well-timed general media frenzy that merely highlights my life-long belief that all politicians, by their nature and proclivity, are just the narcissistic power-hungry wretches we for the most part all suspect them of being in the first place.

But onto today's holiday photo upload.

As has become part of my quarterly regime, I thought I'd drop a few seasonal pics I snapped here and there, and share them with you just prior to the more dreary weather, expected snow storms and the like.

Backyard white-tail deer and the last flowering begonias should do the trick.

So, please do enjoy the holiday. Try not to brow beat your leftist relatives (too much) over turkey, and if your eggnog has one part too much of brandy in it, make sure that you let someone else drive.

Till next time.


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