Tuesday, November 7, 2017

From the Writer's Studio: "Isolation Room"

Welcome back all.

Obviously this post and the previous were originally planned to not follow one another in such close proximity, but as the Nevekari Enterprises short film release for the month of November, you can understand why our "Halloween" release, "The Dark Wood", and our AT&T Create-a-thon NYC submission, "Isolation Room" follow so close on each other's heels.

The Create-a-thon, was for me, a mode of networking, and maybe even more so, a means to challenge ourselves to produce a film in less than eight hours, and with very limited resources. The goal was to shoot the film entirely on Saturday October 28th, pull an all-niter editing, and submit it to the contest by 2:00 PM Sunday. Thankfully, I had just finished editing The Dark Wood that Thursday, and my partner Kevin and I had quickly written the script for Isolation Room that same day. So, we peddled our way downtown to the Create-a-thon Friday evening with script in hand as a possible fit for quick production.

After pitching the idea on stage to the other Create-a-thon attendees, we eventually gathered a great group together who fell into their roles, with Brittaney Check corralling everyone with her magic powers of Line Production. Travis Becker came aboard as Director of Photography, though I think he and I originally intended to hand off the camera throughout. As it panned out, I was much happier serving as Director alongside Kevin. Aside from Brittaney, Keven Almanzar, Desiree Frieson (who locked down the shoot location), Nikki Donell, Kelvin Hernandez, and Samuel Gauthier came aboard as the rest of the cast. The latter two had almost no experience, but I think did a pretty damn good job regardless.

To save time in scoring the piece we used some music provided cost free for the contest by Pond 5, but I also placed a couple of 391 & the Army of Astraea tracks in the mix, one of the early "Give-Away" tracks, "The Aeon", and "Ghost" - an unreleased horror-themed outing that I co-created with my daughter.

We wrapped before 9:00 PM Saturday and finished post-production Sunday morning around 12:45, rushing to make the 2:00 PM deadline. The version I've uploaded below has since undergone further editing, but mostly in the sound arena.

Sadly, we did not win the contest, but in retrospect this was based on our misunderstanding of what the judges wanted. You see, we were under the illusion that this was a Halloween specific contest, and as such we intended to create a horror / suspense short, which Isolation Room is. However, speaking for myself (and no one else on the team), it seems that AT&T is much more interested in cultivating an image as a promoter of Social Justice issues. The dialog in the film does present one oblique "pro" second amendment reference, so I imagine the judges might not have cared for that. But alas, such is the state of our current political climate where virtue-signalling partisanship can so easily dictate art - particularly from ideologues and dogmatists on the failing Marxist left. We can only hope that they will all look back one day and reel in utter embarrassment for their cock-eyed authoritarianism, but, probably not. Sigh!

Anyway, I think Isolation Room came out swell for our first live action film in this new phase of Nevekari Enterprises' existence. What do you think?

Oh, and P.S., please don't forget to subscribe to the Nevekari Enterprises YouTube Channel, and give it a like if you feel so driven. And stay tuned for an upcoming "The Making of Isolation Room" reel that is scheduled for released some time in January 2018.

Till next time.


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