Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Not So Electronic Music Give-Away of the Day - Another Family Project...Again

If it hasn't been made clear on this blog before, I am probably not the most user friendly person to the Christmas holiday season.

But before you begin glaring at my humbuggery and grinchness as thoroughly reprehensible, please let me explain first. 

In my youth Christmas was an abstract and foreign concept, as I was raised in an ethnic enclave in which Jewish holidays were viscerally dominant in everyday social life, regardless of how irreligious many members of the community were.

Regardless, my first and only relationship to Christmas traditions came through our living room television screen in the form of seasonal cartoons such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and my personal favorite, The Grinch.

Every year I watched The Grinch and I rooted for him. He was clearly the hero of the story, for me, and I found the implicit conformity of the townsfolk of Whoville as mindless, fascistic, and insipidly saccharin, and smacked to me as, well, Anti-Semitic in the most tacitly polite manner.

Nonetheless, and notwithstanding my preamble here as not as endearing and facilitating as possible, I find myself actually pleased to announce the release of a collection of Christmas songs created by my spouse and featuring, on a few tracks, my daughter's increasingly mature and unique voice.

So with out much more ado on this All Hallows Eve and in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas Holiday Season I would like to present: "Michelle and Friends - A 432 Hz Christmas".

I am including a Bandcamp link, a Soundcloud link, and a YouTube link which will play the album in its entirety for those of you who are looking for a selection of Christmas standards to play through your holiday festivities.

So, enjoy, but never forget, the Grinch is the real hero of that story, well, mostly.

Till next time.

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