Friday, November 16, 2018

From the Writer's Studio: Introducing "Nevekari Talks"

Hi all, and welcome back to the Gauntlet of Balthazar for the debut of a new series of promotional videos that we have unveiled on Youtube this month.

As the name states, "Nevekari Talks" features myself and my partner, and occasionally actors we've worked with, discussing the origins, story, crafting, potential of future development, and the various input that all the persons involved may have contributed. You can read more about the series in general and this first installment in this article / press release.

The first installment, of this series, Nevekari Talks: The Supplicant, focuses on our award-winning and multi-nominated screenplay; "The Supplicant", which is a feature film script adapted from the ancient Greek tragic stage play, "The Suppliant Women", penned by Euripides.

I think this one came out fairly nice, and I hope that each succeeding episode will display some visceral growth in our abilities in the realms of film-making, editing, sound and score.

So please do watch and enjoy, and if you are able and care to support us, please like, subscribe, share, and by all means, hit the notification bell as well, and of course, feel free to leave us any (constructive) input you see fit.

I must add (in my opinion) that Youtube's increasingly pervasive interest in forcing viewers to jump through so many hoops, not to mention having to be first signed in to your Google / Youtube account, only serves as an impediment to creators getting their message out there, let alone annoying users. But, hey, what do I know?

Till next time.

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