Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Covid, and Palsy, and Myocarditus, Oh My! - And Why you Probably Shouldn't Mutate your RNA.

Welcome to, or back to, the omnipresent, yet absentee, Gauntlet of Balthazar for a post regarding the global pandemic.

As you may have noticed, the Gauntlet has been extremely silent for quite a while regarding Covid-19, and not just because of the legitimate fear of social media / governmental censorship for posting any notion that varied from the establishment’s consensus de jour, but more so because the hope remained that sensible Gauntleterians would eventually see through the often contradictory and decidedly un-sciency dictates that have cascaded across the world over the last two years, and get off their knees and wake up.

Hey, remember when they told us they needed just fifteen days to slow the spread? Hilarious.

Perhaps also humorously bittersweet, we now finally have confirmation of taxpayer-funded N.I.H. gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Virology Research Center, thereby verifying what many of us already suspected - that Covid’s genes were manipulated by the hand of man, and this was not some random happenstance of bat-to-human transmission. But, I digress...  

Now, as a disclaimer I should mention that I am neither a scientist nor a medical doctor, and there are many who will probably assume that because I predominately veer to the right politically that I am “anti-science”. As a note I should insert that historically Republicans in the U.S. have far and away bankrolled endeavors like space exploration much more than Democrats, who have always been more interested financing race and gender issues, as well as climate alarmism. That being said, those topics have much more to do socio-psychological issues than anything actually fully concrete. Unless, that is, you’re talking about divisiveness, micro-identitarianism, and the politics of fear.

Anyway, just to put things in perspective, let’s step back in time to and era before the Gauntlet was the Gauntlet. To a time where there once was a young lad who was fascinated by all things science-fiction (and fantasy) in the halcyon days of the 1970’s (yes, I’m dating myself). This young fellow was well-known in his predilection, and consumed films and series, book and comic books, and yes, he even joined his high school science club. The boy soon became a man, and as such, he worked with computers extensively, downing cup after cup of coffee (or tea) while trying to figure out artificial gravity on endless scraps of paper. His writing and screenwriting advanced too, and his science-fiction occasionally became hard-sci-fi as he created synthetic languages, and devised hypothetical formulas for illicit drugs, fuels, and yes, diseases. While designing the latter the Gauntlet just so happened to study how viral structures worked, genetically.

Perhaps you are unaware, or don’t recall, but for many, many, years the medical establishment routinely encouraged doctors around the world to prescribe less and less antibiotics to sick patients, out of the fear that viruses would adapt and make treatment less effective over time. They proposed a gambit of diminishing returns, where our own natural immunity would be replaced by a reliance on prescription drugs that could only cause Big Pharma to dream. They told us that this would undermine our “herd immunity” and weaken us, as a species.

Fair enough. This only made sense, since once you’d had an illness, most of the time your body learned how to beat it, or in the case of something like chicken pox, it just sort of stayed with you, forever.

But, people forgot this simple paradigm, and played into the fear that the powers-that-be were peddling, and started to get annual flu shots, shingles vaccines, and injections for whatever illness they were told might possibly kill them, cause them pain, or even make them uncomfortably unhappy. The fear of imminent death caused by some lurking viral agent soon came to pervade our popular culture, and zombie-themed films and series proliferated hand-in-hand with the delusion that the earth would most, most definitely not be an environment fit for human life in just decades to come.

Like the Protestant millenarian preachers of the early twentieth century who believed that the rapture was imminent and encouraged their flocks to sell off their worldly goods in preparation for the end, the climate extremists likewise oriented, predicting one event or the other as the benchmark of environmental apocalypse – all of which never came to pass, except for a fractional increase of one percent of the earth’s average annual temperature. Even now, a few towns flooding in the northeast brings out every dingbat available. These brainiac’s assume that torrential downpours are a new thing, even when the amount of annual rainfall in the region is the same or less on the aggregate. But, hey, I’ll bet they were too busy running for class president than actually working out weird sciency stuff.

Philosophically, thinkers like Thomas Malthus, Karl Marx, and apparently Thanos, and the simpletons-meets-psychos who follow them see certain environmental, social, economic, and political outcomes as inevitable, with little to no capacity for allowing variables such as math or inventions to rise to the occasion and solve specific problems. Food production is a perfect case in point: where Malthus hypothesized that humanity would soon go extinct from starvation due to the exponential growth in global population, today less and less farmers feed more and more people each and every year. Old Tom was apparently incapable of foreseeing advancements in agricultural technology. What a genius! To sum up - Thomas Malthus was wrong, is wrong, and always will be wrong. The same for "scientific" Karl.

Leftist thinking on the gun control issue is similar. When asked, the average gun-grabber not only doesn’t understand the actual wording of the second amendment, they truly think that confiscating legal weapons will stop crime, when something like 97% of almost all criminal violence is statistically engaged in with illegal weapons. In the rare happenstance when a legal weapon is utilized in a criminal act, I’d wager that in a huge amount of those cases the gun was “borrowed” from the licensed owner, probably a close relative. They also imagine that the Founding Fathers could not envision, or were not aware of, advancements in firearm technology. Little do they realize that there were multi-fire weapons even in the 1770’s, and while they themselves are capable of picturing the future creation of phasers and lasers, they actually think that the founders – the smartest men of their generation, some of whom were quite impressive inventors, were incapable of envisioning the future of weaponry.    

So, will there be wars fought over water in the coming years? Maybe. But it’s just as likely that two countries with a contentious issue might instead finance shared desalinization projects. I know that seems like a glass-half-full coming from the often pessimistic Gauntlet, but if two nations spend their time pitting army against army with no immediate concrete water-territory gain, I don’t really think that war will last very long. People can only live without water for five days max after all.

Anyway, back to viruses.

As you may not remember, the brain trust at the World Economic Forum at Davos at the start of the Plan-demic waxed rhapsodic about the wonderful opportunity a viral outbreak WOULD (yes, they talked about it even before January 2020) be for the “global reset” that they proposed. The “reset” of course was their way of referring to forcing the world into the mold of utopian globalism that they envision. This is a Kleptocratic-Marxist-Globalism that will eventually install a one world currency (preferably intangible), one world government (run through an urban, probably European Bureaucracy), and hold complete social control (Credit Scores / Big Tech) over a “diminished human population” (as Bill Gates likes to say), of ideally about 500 million. Sounds kinda like the Hunger Games, huh?

And so, the race was on. Gates and Davos with John Hopkins popped out hypothetical pandemic film scenarios such as “Event 201” - feigning concerned preparedness as their motive, when it is obvious what they’d prefer as the outcome. The W.E.F. now cries wolf that the pandemic has led to "de-globalization", when it has only encouraged governmental controls and oligarchic wealth. Just ask Jeff Bezos how his company has fared in the pandemic. In fact, low-and-behold, the top ten biggest companies and the richest men in the world have skyrocketed in earnings over the last two years.

Even their language is deceptive. Oh no, “de-globalization” – that sounds terrible, ‘cuz like were a global world, MAN! News flash: you can accept or believe in globalization with out believing in the demented faith known as globalism. This is a similar ploy to the one BLM engages in. By naming their movement after the agreeable sentiment that black peoples lives are as important as non-black peoples lives, they obscure the fact that they are a horrible Marxist organization with a fairly horrific agenda that goes far past simply being an African-American civil rights movement. It’s sort of like if the Gauntlet started a non-profit called “Unicorns fart Love”, but we were actually were a cult of weirdos who proposed the genocide of some ethnic group or the other. One could say that sort of tactic is a tad disingenuous, in my opinion.

So as CNN and their ilk do a bait-and-switch and shift from displaying a running Covid death count to a running case count, we are told that 99% of people who are hospitalized for Covid are unvaccinated, when this is a blatant lie. 60% of people don’t even display symptoms, and the lion’s share of death is still among the very old and unhealthy who possess multiple co-morbidities. The survival rate of those who display symptoms - hospitalized or not, vaccinated or not, varies only within the 99 percent range.

Regardless, some 3 million people have died from Covid and that is indeed very sad, but in a world with a population roughly 8 billion, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot. Likewise in the U.S. there have been just over 300 deaths among the very young. While losing kids is a particularly tragic thing, mind you we are a nation of 325 million or so, which makes those sad losses account for about 0.000000001% of the population.

We are told that vaccines are safe when thousands have died from them (about 6000), or then immediately came down with hospital grade Covid. Many others have developed Bell’s Palsy, Guillaume Barre Syndrome, Myocarditus, Pericarditus, abnormalities in women’s menses, and a host of other symptoms that belie the problem of undercutting natural immunity with over medication.

The most onerous news outlets now tout that "fully one-third" of those hospitalized for Covid are not vaccinated, playing a psychotic word game attempting to not describe the same situation as that two-thirds of hospitalizations are of people who ARE VACCINATED! As an aside it should be mentioned that there are some subsidiary issues as well. These include the fact that in recent tests children under the age of four have dropped on average 22 I.Q. points over the last two years. This is due to them suffering from inhibited social interaction and their inability to see faces due to universal mask covering. News flash - apparently humans are social creatures. 

All of the vaccines, regardless of their manufacturer, have in common that they are RNA based - meaning that the genes in the lining of the Mitochondria take on a mutation in order to learn how to manage and dispose of the new virus. Mutations are what define our evolution, but these changes are meant to occur naturally over time. We’re not the X-Men. So, important note here – probably not a good idea to allow a thoroughly unimpressive President, an entrenched shadow government, a complicit media, and IPO-driven Big Pharma to mutate your genome.

In fact, mutations to the Mitochondria (instituted by vaccines, environmental factors, and genetic inheritance, or the interaction of all three) are believed to the causal factor in a number of increasingly common diseases and conditions, such as autism, which has risen steadily in incidence over the last forty years.

But hey, don’t worry, while those crawling on their brainwashed knees will still fret about the unmasked being within six feet of them, and wring their hands at the imminent danger of…well, LIFE, we normal folk will be the “bigger men” and I promise we won’t judge you for the mutant freaks you’ve become. I just hope it doesn’t come back and bite you on the ass.

Till next time.

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