Friday, July 21, 2017

Ceramic Art of the Day: Sculpture Garden Revisted

Here's a new bit of aired-dried and un-painted clay work that I'm seriously considering calling "Victorian Woman". The piece is a hollow metal frame figurine that reflects the corset, bustle, fur hand-muffler, and hair-bun styling that we typically associate with modest middle class Victorian ladies fashion circa 1870.

I first became interested in Victorian, and Edwardian, culture and fashion, during the process of writing two of Nevekari Enterprises period scripts, "Diamond Hill" and "Steam". The prior is a full-length feature film script in the Edwardian tragic romance genre that I'm very fond of, and the latter is a series pilot that, while full occult-tinged Victorian drama, is also "Steam-Punk".

For More Information About Diamond Hill and Steam Click Here to Visit Nevekari Enterprises Home on the Web

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